Are you looking to build a food delivery app like Zomato?

Hunger is never going to end and similar is the case with the business of food. This is the reason, why food delivery apps like Zomato, UberEats, etc. have gained much popularity recently. You can be the next in the list of top entrepreneurs in the Food delivery sector. All you need is a holistic app which can meet every aspect of your business.

The team of AR Infotech has the expertise and relevant experience in delivering such food apps for startups and companies. By choosing us you can be sure of the final quality of your app that can find its place in the heart of your customers. With the help of latest tools and technologies, we can assure you to deliver the best possible solutions for your business.

User Side

Your app should be user-oriented with smooth and rich experience. With the team of WebClues Infotech, you can embed rich features and functionalities in your app. From searching the nearby restaurants to real-time tracking of the food and delivery driver, the app will take every minute detail into focus. Users can easily place their order and customize and save their searches. Customers are provided with multiple payment gateway options as per their convenience. Reviews and feedback can be given quickly and easily. Also, with few clicks, your customers get an idea of the tables available to book.

Business Owner

The app allows the business’s owners to register and create profile including information like restaurant address, list of menu with price, offers, discounts, and contact details. The owner has all the status (dispatched, schedule, pickups etc.) of the orders to view with the simple touch on the screen and manage orders systematically. He can create and update the menu along with adding all details like items, price, special dishes, etc. The app gives the owner a chance to attract more customers by offering special discounts and offers. Through push notifications the management side can be updated regarding the status of orders, the payment received, and feedback.

Delivery Driver

Delivery driver are the backbone of your business. If they get a comfortable experience with the app they will be able to provide on-time delivery to keep your clients satisfied. The app allows the driver to create profile and update it as per the requirement. The delivery driver can handle multiple orders at the same time through alerts sound and notification. With the integrated Google Map your driver can easily find the shortest route to reach your clients and delight them.

Effective Administration

Being the admin you can effectively manage the restaurants under you. You can add/remove the restaurants and their active status on the app. The app provides you with an opportunity for effective category management- listing items, pricing details offers etc. As an admin, you are the in-charge for monitoring each process from orders and reviews to drivers and their performance. Get brilliant analyzing and reporting features to find the possible opportunities to expand your reach and accelerate the pace of your growth. Get real-time updates from restaurants and drivers through notifications. Allow easy setting and management of commission rate from the panel with each partner.


Sales Growth

With an on-demand food delivery app like Zomato, you can increase the sale of your business by 20-25%.

10 Million+

App Downloads

Swiggy alone has 10 Million+ downloads on Playstore. An app with even better features and functionalities can take you to another level.

$91, 701M+

Revenue Growth In Food Delivery

Are you looking to elevate your revenue generation and multiply it 5x faster? Don’t worry, this dream of yours will soon be fulfilled through an app similar to Zomato.

Where Do The Existing Players Stand?

$ 0 M
$ 0 M
$ 0 M
$ 0 M

You would surely be wondering on how much annual revenue is generated by the existing on-demand food apps. These figures are convincing enough to make you determined about building your own food-delivery app. With the proper features and functionalities, you can be the next big payer in the eatery business. So, what are you waiting for?

Technology Stack Behind Our Food Delivery App Development